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Snippet of my one woman show called “Life as an Oreo” October 10, 2012

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(“Runaway” by Kanye West plays as WOMAN crumbles up the post-its and discards them in the container with the rest of the props and pulls out Christie doll and a Ken doll. She turns the chair so that it as at an angle with the back facing toward stage left. The music fades out.)


(She holds up both of the dolls, one in each hand. She stares at them with a little smile on her face. She pushes them together as if she was going to make them kiss, but suddenly stops. She frowns.)

Urban Dictionary defines Jungle Fever as an interracial relationship, usually between a white person and a black person. Some take this term as derogatory because it makes black people out to be as animals and that we are causing this disease or “fever” that is trapping white people.


One race isn’t trapping the other when these so called jungle fever relationships happen. See, what is happening is this amazing and awe-aspiring thing called mutual attraction. I see the person first and the color last and even then it’s irrelevant to me.

(She stands up and starts making pictures with the dolls.)

My family tells me that if marry a white man then I’ll be in competition with his damn dog. My friends try to explain to me that I will never know the wonders of a “mandingo”…whatever that means. Outsiders try to dissuade me by staring holes into me if I’m out with a white man or on the rare occasion get bold and verbally express their distaste. The only thing I see as my real problem in the future is learning that my choice of love will always look different to some.

Then, I guess, somewhere down the line will come to me having to beg him to cuddle with me and not his dog.