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Snippet of my 10 Minute Play called “The JFA” October 8, 2012

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Well, then why the fuck are you doing this? If you’re going to kill me then I deserve to know why.


Is your head really that far up your ass? You are a piece of shit. A cheating piece of shit.


That’s bullshit!


Really? You’re really going to lie about it given that tonight you’re going to die?


I don’t have to admit anything to you, bitch!


You’re right.

(She leans down toward JAKE and grabs him roughly by the neck.)

You don’t have to admit a fucking thing because I already know. I watch assholes like you and saw all of the shit you pulled. Meeting up with Carla and then with another skank right afterward? Day after day. Fucking classic.

(She lets go of his neck and JAKE coughs violently trying to catch his breath.)


(Struggles to speak)

What…the fuck?! You w-watched me?


And then one day I saw Carla come in to that same restaurant and catch you in the act with that skank. She looked so heartbroken. I knew what I had to do. And…well look here.


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